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"We recommend website hosting solutions to all of our clients using only the best hardware, data center, and connectivity!"

Through the years we have worked and built 100's of websites for other developers and business clients.  One thing we have learned when it comes to hosting your site, true business grade hosting is required for your long-term success.  Many people try the "unlimited" disk space and traffic budget hosts only to learn later of the CPU and disk IO restrictions placed on these plans, along with the miserable uptime and support that often follows.  If your business plan does not include a reasonable budget for website hosting, you probably need to rethink your business plan.  Your website is a direct reflection on the quality of your products and services offered, and to have your website unavailable or slow loading reflects poorly on your business. 

For these reasons we recommend Cartika Hosting for your web hosting needs.  We have been with them March 10, 2005 and cannot say enough "good" about them.  They offer solutions for every type of hosting available, from business grade shared hosting and web developer reseller packages, to enterprise grade hosting solutions.  For shared hosting and resellers they offer hosting solutions across a wide variety of platforms including Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, ColdFusion, SharePoint and MS Exchange mail hosting is available.  There are also a multitude of database platforms including MySQL, pgSQL, and MSSQL.  All of their shared and reseller hosting plans are hosted in a clustered server environment with each service such as email, web traffic, databases, and control panel being served from individual purpose built servers.

For more demanding applications and websites they offer HAL (High Availability Linux), which is a completely load balanced clustered environment.  This is often referred to as cloud hosting by many.  You can be assured when choosing Cartika Hosting that you will always have an upgrade path should your website requirements increase with their VPS (virtual private server), VDC (virtual dedicated cluster), dedicated servers, dedicated clusters (multiple servers running separate services), along with dedicated load balanced clustered servers if required.  All servers include a fully managed environment, proactive monitoring of services, hardware, 24/7 toll free phone and ticket support, and R1Soft backups with multiple restore points.

With their shared Linux and Windows plans starting at $10.00 monthly, there is no reason not to choose their clustered environment to present your business efficiently and reliably to the world.  Their backup solution utilizing R1Soft continues data protection with 30 days of restore points, and the available Mailfoundry AntiSpam/Antivirus protection only adds to your peace of mind.

I have included the following hyperlinks to their services:

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