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"We specialize in Search Engine Optimization services and consulting to make sure your website is returned in the search engine results!"

We have providing search optimization services (SEO) and consulting since the year 2000.  A lot has changed since then, but you can be assured we provide sound advice through consulting and optimizing your website HTML code and content.

There are no shortcuts in getting your site ranking and we follow sound and reserved practices to make sure your website starts and remains ranking for the terms related to your content/topic.   If you have used are development/design services your website is already optimized for end users, usability, and search engines.  If not, contact us and we'll be happy to take a look at your website free of charge.

We can tell you "why" your competitors are ranking for their terms and why you are not, provide you with a road map on getting your site ranking, and offer advice on your website content optimization.

We value the importance of the presentation of website content. Content structure is important for search engine positioning and for website users.  Presenting just the bare bones content is not enough for a successful online business. This is why we offer all our clients a direction in developing their content so together we are able to achieve the success your site hopes to accomplish online. This is critical to the success of your online business, and without it you are simply just another business online.

Our strategies involve a series of complex processes and analysis like, competitor and log analysis, website coding analysis, defining proper theme/layout, keyword density and analysis, content development to build authority, proper design strategies for search engine performance to ensure the presence of your website. Strategic Web Ventures MidWest manually fine tunes your website to provide better search engine placement.

(We do NOT provide link acquisition services)

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